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Munich is a promising location for secure investments

In August 2006, French investors Icade acquired a real estate portfolio in Germany for the first time. The properties that eventually convinced them to buy the package, known as the DaimlerChrysler [...]

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Fact sheet: Icade

Icade, a company listed on the Paris stock exchange, is a branch of the stateoperated French bank Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations. With a total headcount of 3,600 employees around Europe, Icade generates an annual turnover of 1.3 bn euro with a profit of some 200 mn euro. Icade holds real estate assets worth 5 bn euro. The company invests both in the French residential property market and in commercial estates such as offices and shopping centres. Commercial properties form a strategy focus not only in France but across Europe. In Germany, Icade has invested in a real estate portfolio that, on one hand, consists of various office buildings in Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Stuttgart and Frankfurt - for the most part, these properties are let to large companies - and, on the other, of building land in Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Bad Homburg and Dusseldorf that the company intends to develop. (c) Immobilien Zeitung