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Why not build flats for a change?

Frankfurt can rely on letting a solid 500,000 m2 to 600,000 m2 of office space a year - but no more. There is no sign of growth, only redistribution, and competition for tenants, properties and inv [...]

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"The first crane wins"

"Open funds will make a comeback."

Robert Menke, Jones Lang LaSalle

"Fine, but what will they buy?"

Henry Robinson, Drivers Jonas

"They'll concentrate on project developments for lack of other products."

Robert Menke, Jones Lang LaSalle

"Now is the time to start building."

Günther Kühnlein, Vivico

"If you buy a plot now and start building at the end of 2008, you might even be too late."

Andreas Völker, Atisreal

"Anti-cyclical investors are looking at Eschborn and Kaiserlei."

Axel Sikora, Jones Lang LaSalle

"There is nowhere with so many projects in the back drawer as Eschborn."

Frank Lebsanft, Phoenix Real Estate

"People overestimate the share of the office market in the construction business. It makes up less than 10% of the annual construction investment in Frankfurt."

Michael Kummer, Building Supervisory Authority Frankfurt

"The most frequent question is: do you know a good plot anywhere?"

Jo Franzke, architect "Many ten-year rent contracts signed in 1999/2000 were renegotiated in 2004 to 2006. Some rents have been reduced by up to 30%."

Marcus Mornhart, Jones Lang LaSalle

"Everyone's talking about sustainable buildings. They're going to be a real market driver."

Gerd Hille, Hines

"Investors want the perfect location."

John A. Galani, Centurion Capital Europe

"We're noticing that companies are prepared to make long-term commitments again."

Oliver Schön, Schön & Lopez Schmitt

"Before subprime, there was almost no repayment. Now you have to repay 1.25 to 1.50% in the first year."

Tobias Schultheiß, Schön & Lopez Schmitt

"German banks are benefiting from the subprime crisis as lenders, because they finance themselves differently."

Tobias Schultheiß, Schön & Lopez Schmitt

"The first crane wins."

Axel Sikora, Jones Lang LaSalle "The prices for top privately owned apartments in Westend are not representative for investors."

Felix von Saucken, Engel & Völkers

"I've been dreaming of a loft tower for years."

Stefan Weidner, Serini Group

"We're hearing from the USA: 2008 is going to be a really tough year."

Stephan Brendgen, Tishman Speyer

"The Opera Tower is a success already."

Stephan Brendgen, Tishman Speyer

"Investors see us in the same league as New York and Hong Kong."

José Martinez, Atisreal

"We're waiting for project developers to wake up and take a risk on construction."

Oliver Barth, Atisreal

"There could be overproduction of office space in places. But I don't see a risk of a bubble - the financial markets aren't healthy enough."

Oliver Barth, Atisreal

"Every investor asks us about retail in Frankfurt, but there just isn't anything available."

Patric Fiegle, Atisreal

Compiled by Christoph von Schwanenflug.