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Veranstaltungen | 07.03.2019

Aus IZSpecial anlässlich der Immobilienmesse MIPIM/2019, S. 228

Von Brigitte Mallmann-Bansa und Robin Göckes

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    Wohnen, Einzelhandel, Logistik, Industrie, Büro

Five German Mipim Award entries

Photo: V. Desjardins - Image & Co
As in 2018, only a few entries will beat the competition and win one of the coveted Mipim Awards.

Photo: V. Desjardins - Image & Co

Five German entries are hoping to win a Mipim Award. It's up to the trade fair participants and the jury to decide who will take a trophy home.

This year, 205 projects from 58 countries have been submitted for the Mipim Award competition, 45 of which (from 21 countries) made it to the shortlist.

Photo: DomRömer GmbH
Urban Regeneration Projects

Photo: DomRömer GmbH

If there were a league table based on country affiliation, France would be in the lead with six finalists but only by a very small margin - five of the entries on the shortlist are from Germany. Since the five German finalists are all in different categories, they're not even competing against each other. On a par with Germany, China has submitted five short-listed entries, too. Trade fair visitors and the jury are going to decide jointly who's going home with or without a trophy in their luggage. Four finalists are from the UK; Spain, Italy and the Netherlands have presented three entries each.

Photo: Bikini Berlin
Shopping Centres

Photo: Bikini Berlin

Five German finalists marks a first in Mipim history. In the past, however, the Award used to be presented in far fewer categories and up until just a few years ago, only three projects had to fight it out against each other in each category. 2019 is seeing the addition of Mixed Use Properties replacing Green Buildings. According to Reed Midem, greenness and sustainability are now considered in all categories.

Photo: Götz Wrage, Jan Bitter
Residential Developments

Photo: Götz Wrage, Jan Bitter

From the official inauguration of the trade fair up to 12 o'clock on March 14, all Mipim participants can cast a vote in the basement of Palais des Festivals in the Award Gallery. The audience vote and the jury vote will count equally.

Photo: HG Esch
Office and Business Developments

Photo: HG Esch

Traditionally, the Award ceremony takes place on the Thursday night of the trade fair at the Grand Auditorium of Palais des Festivals. This year, it starts at 6.30pm and takes one hour. Afterwards, the winners and Mipim guests are welcome to celebrate with champagne and finger food.

Photo: Jean-Luc Valentin
Industrial and Logistics Developments

Photo: Jean-Luc Valentin

Five hopefuls from Germany

Never before have so many German entries been shortlisted as this year. There are high hopes for the German projects in the following categories: Urban Regeneration, Residential Development, Office and Business Development, Industrial and Logistics Development and Shopping Centres.

- Urban Regeneration Projects:

For approx. €200m, the city of Frankfurt has reconstructed its old city centre which was destroyed in WWII. In early summer, the ”new” old town of Frankfurt was opened to the general public. It's a tourist magnet. rgo

- Shopping Centres:

The Bikini Berlin boasts a 1,800-sqm food court tempting you to sample food from 13 different countries. It offers spectacular views of a large aviary in the nearby Berlin Zoo. rgo

- Residential Developments:

The Woodie in Hamburg is setting new standards in flat production. 371 apartments are constructed using the same number of modules, with all elements made of solid wood (hence the project name). rgo

- Office and Business Developments:

The Merck Innovation Center in Darmstadt is competing against entries from the US, China and France. The Center - inaugurated in March 2018 - is part of Merck's HQ. rgo

- Industrial and Logistics Developments

The new trade fair hall no. 12 at Messe Frankfurt was opened in October. It is 30 metres high. Construction took two years. In addition to exhibition space, the hall is home to offices and catering facilities. rgo

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