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Projekte | 07.03.2019

Aus IZSpecial anlässlich der Immobilienmesse MIPIM/2019, S. 227

Von Gerda Gericke

In diesem Artikel:

Plenty of space for new offices in Berlin

Source: Immobilien Zeitung, author: Lea Gericke
Space for 10,000 jobs in a disused cigarette factory.

Source: Immobilien Zeitung, author: Lea Gericke

Berlin. Many big cities in the west are complete in terms of layout and construction. Due to the historic divide, Berlin isn't. There's an urgent need for affordable flats in Berlin - and for new offices.

Consequently, a whole gamut of renowned investors want to step up activities this spring. "Im Wirtschaftswunder,” an allusion to the German post-war economic miracle, is the name Pecan Development have given to an office and retail complex they are planning to build around the former Berlin Commerzbank HQ in the centre of (West) Berlin. The development has been commissioned by the PW Real Estate Fund III. This year has already seen construction begin on some 27,000 sqm of office space. Completion is scheduled by 2020. Jan Kunze, Pecan's MD, has long been able to conclude some large-scale tenancy agreements.

In no time at all, the Streletzki Group from Berlin managed to strike tenancy deals for 20,000 sqm of office space in one of its ongoing development projects on the bank of the Spree river, the B:Hub. In total, the construction - 300 metres long, ten storeys high - is going to host 47,000 sqm of offices with all the mod cons that any self-respecting professional working in Berlin appears to be unable to do without these days: terraces, balconies, loggias, a supermarket with a food court and a coffee shop, a gym, parking spaces for bikes and e-cars along with charging station.

By the beginning of the year, Dutch developers OVG Real Estate and TH Real Estate owners had already filled an addition to their portfolio with tenants although the property in question is not even built yet: TH Real Estate claims it is constructing the smartest office tower in Berlin, just a stone's throw from the Chancellor's Office, the Reichstag and the Central Station. The Edge Grand Central Berlin will be nine storeys high offering 20,000 sqm of floor space for €100 m. The promise to install digital technology galore in order to "minimise the ecological footprint of the building and maximise user well-being” was enough to convince the Scout24 online portal to rent approx. 14,000 sqm and the US software corporation Oracle to sign a contract for approx. 3,500 sqm of floorspace. The office-warming parties are expected to be thrown in 2020.

A shareholding of Bremen's Zech Group, Germany's busiest project developer, has identified a plot to accommodate 10,000 office workers on 185,000 sqm of floorspace in the district of Wilmersdorf. In 2012, a former cigarette factory site belonging to the Reemstma tobacco corporation was shut down and production relocated to Poland. For four long years, buyers tried to convert the brownfield site in the middle of Berlin into a residential spot. However, politicians did not give in - too loud, they argued, and the city needed jobs too. This was reason enough for Zech to change its plan and it is now converting the site into a commercial campus development called "Go West” (highly evocative) at a development cost of €1bn. By 2025, the area is going to see the opening of a number of shops, hotels, a start-up incubator, a theatre, a cinema, offices and a crafts centre.


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