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Veranstaltungen | 07.03.2019

Aus IZSpecial anlässlich der Immobilienmesse MIPIM/2019, S. 204

Von Brigitte Mallmann-Bansa und Laura Henkel

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Mipim - who's there doing what

Source: Immobilien Zeitung
Your trade fair compendium - IZ's daily newsletter "Live von der Mipim” (in German).

Source: Immobilien Zeitung

Mipim guests want to network and strike deals. IZ's newly created newsletter, in German, "Live von der Mipim,” keeps you posted on who's there and where they are investing.

Nine of our editorial staff are out and about in Cannes with their ears to the ground so that they can supply all IZ subscribers with the hottest news live from Mipim every morning in time for breakfast. This includes reports on the speech by the former UN General Secretary Ban Ki-moon and on the Mipim Awards but also comprehensive coverage on what's happening in the investment scene, megaprojects from around the world and the business strategies of key industry players for this year.

Apart from journalist "standard fare,” our editors cover a number of topics you won't read about anywhere else - promise! Audio and video feeds beam even those who can't attend the event in person all the way to Cannes. Obviously, all feeds are embedded into our portal - - and the social media channels - #IZMipim.

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