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Politik | 07.03.2019

Aus IZSpecial anlässlich der Immobilienmesse MIPIM/2019, S. 204

Von Christine Rose

In diesem Artikel:

The Government has a say too

Private property is protected by German law. However, public authorities do have some scope for action.

In April, a grassroots initiative intends to launch a referendum with the objective of nationalising all apartments in Berlin owned by companies holding over 3,000 units. This begs the question: Is expropriation really constitutional?

Some limits to private ownership on the grounds of the German Building Code already apply. Local authorities can designate neighbourhoods worth preserving as they are (Erhaltungsschutzgebiete). If your property is located in one of these, any refurbishment or plans to convert rented flats into owner-occupied flats are subject to approval by local authorities. Additionally, local authorities have a preemptive right of purchase if a building is put up for sale in such a neighbourhood. If your plan is to sell and you don't want your local council to play this card, you may have to raise rents even less than the legally permissible amount. Numerous cities have designated areas - in Berlin, there are 56, Munich has 23.

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