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Politik | 07.03.2019

Aus IZSpecial anlässlich der Immobilienmesse MIPIM/2019, S. 204

Von Jutta Ochs

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    Katarina Barley
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Germany keeping its foot on the brake

Source:, author: Thomas Reimer
You can hardly eschew the rental cap scheme.

Source:, author: Thomas Reimer

The German rental cap scheme, known as the "rental brake” - or Mietpreisbremse - is expected to be extended until 2025. Exceptions apply for new constructions or comprehensive refurbishment.

According to the Immowelt 2018 market monitor, a real estate portal, almost two thirds of all real estate professionals would, due to its ineffectiveness, rather see the back of the Act under which rent rises are limited to 10% of the local benchmark (Vergleichsmiete) in tense markets. The Government coalition of Christian and Social Democrats considers the mechanism sensible and, indeed, effective. However, it has applied even stricter rules as per January 1, 2019. In line with the amendments, landlords invariably need to provide information about why they are exceeding the cap as soon as they do. Admissible exceptions are newly constructed buildings, if the rent had been higher than the local standard even before the increase and properties that have undergone comprehensive refurbishment. In this context, there's some positive news for investors - cap exceptions will continue to apply in future, even if tenants and many Social Democrats had pressed to abolish them. According to an expert opinion on the scheme, investors may face "non-performing loans” if exceptions were no longer to apply. Politicians shouldn't let such a risk materialise - and in all likelihood, they won't.

However, the Government coalition intends to extend the rental cap scheme, originally planned to run until 2020, until the end of 2025. The German Minister for Justice, Katarina Barley (a Social Democrat herself), has announced a bill to this effect as part of a re-evaluation of the scheme.

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